Remodels and Additions

Whether you are wanting to update your existing living space or add valuable living space, remodels are are the best way to bring enthusiasm back to a home. Remodels can drastically increase the value of a home for resale. Whether you are buying a new house and wanting to make it your own, or you have a growing family and you are just looking for more space, remodels and/or additions can be a great avenue for any family and home.

Some of the products and techniques that are being used today are a lot better and go a long way into making the work last. W.A. Brown Construction stays well-versed in all construction techniques so that we make sure your home and our work can stand the test of time.


Home Repairs

W.A. Brown Construction is well-equipped to handle home repairs of any kind. Home repairs are important not only when you have an immediate need or repair or general maintenance to your home to prevent spending more money later down the road.

Anything, ranging from small exterior repairs to any nagging issues you may have. You can call on me for that “Honey-do List” that you can’t seem to get to because life keeps getting in the way. My capabilities in home repair include sheet rock painting, water damage and other issues related to it all the way to electrical work and plumbing and everything else in between.